Make Shopping Count


Trinity Coalition is excited to announce a great new way for supporters, volunteers, and staff to help support our mission... at no cost!  We have partnered with Make Shopping Count to launch our very own Shop-to-Support marketplace, now featuring AMAZON and Wall Mart!  Already have an account with one of the stores? No problem. This program will work with your memberships to Prime or other membership programs.

Play video to learn more

vpca-makeshoppingcount-intro.mp4 from Fred Smith on Vimeo.


The online shopping site features more than 100 of your favorite stores such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Macy’s, and PetCo, and many more.  The list grows each week.

It's simple and it transforms your everyday shopping into a purpose-driven activity!

You can help support our mission by shopping-to-support right here on our marketplace.  Every time you click through to one of our store partners and make a purchase, a portion of the sale price gets donated back to us!  You get the same goods, from the same stores, at the same prices

When hundreds of supporters make weekly or monthly purchases, they can really add up.  So please visit the page, register, and bookmark the site so you can begin every shopping experience from there.  Code from the links connects the dots so we get credited… therefore, it’s really import to begin each shopping session from our page.

It's truly a Win-Win!

Thank you so much for doing your part to drive our mission forward!

Click here and just start shopping! or use your smart phone and this QR code: