Clean Trinity

If you are a resident of the DFW region, you live here because of the Trinity River. The Trinity River is our water supply. It provides water that comes from our faucets and the water that is in all of the soft drinks and craft beers that are made in the DFW region. Our pets drink Trinity River water. We water our lawns with Trinity River water and wash our cars with the same water.

And yet for most of us, especially those of us who live in Dallas, the Trinity River is that dirty ditch between the levees. It is that untamed flood that rears its ugly head every year or so.

Trinity Coalition believes it is time to recognize and respect one of the most important parts of our lives – the source of our life-sustaining water, the Trinity River.

Beginning up near the Oklahoma border and running over 700 miles before entering Galveston Bay, the Trinity River is the longest river fully-contained in the state of Texas. It is the water supply for almost half of all Texans, including everyone who lives in the DFW region and most who live in the Houston area, the fourth and fifth most populous metropolitan areas in the U.S.

In many ways, the Trinity River is disrespected. Most people think of it as a dirty river, not realizing they drink its water. Many local policy-makers seem to view the Trinity River as a liability, something to be dealt with, rather than an asset to be nurtured and enjoyed.

Trinity Coalition intends to change all of this. We are a significant advocate for the Trinity River. Our goals:

  • Increase public awareness of the water quality of the Trinity River and highlight what every individual can do to improve the quality.
  • Connect people’s lives to the Trinity River by offering regular river excursions and clean-ups.
  • Advocate for public-policy initiatives aimed at making the Trinity River the asset it deserves to be.
  • Partner with other non-profits and government agencies that have a connection to the Trinity River to create a force of advocates for a better Trinity River.

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The Trinity Coalition is dedicated

to Providing Conservation through Recreation